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Re: agr(4) question in NetBSD-5.1_RC3

On Sep 12, 2010, at 4:23 PM, Manuel Bouyer wrote:
>>  Does anyone have an agr(4) working on a netbsd-5 machine?
> I did get it working some time ago. The key is that, unless you're using a
> wm(4) device which has code to support SIOCSIFADDR(AF_INET), you have to
> manually set the ethernet address on the underlying interfaces to be the same
> as the agr(4) one (which should default to the ethernet address of the first
> port added to the agr, but this can be chanegd).

  Ahh.  Thank you.  That was the small piece of information I should've known 
but didn't.  I have to manually jigger the MAC address of the underlying 
interface.  Makes complete sense, I just hadn't thought about it.

  Thanks.  I seem to be working now, at least to first-phase basic 
functionality.  More testing to see that it does what I expect will come later.

                     - Chris

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