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agr(4) question in NetBSD-5.1_RC3

  I have an i386 machine running a netbsd-5 image from late-July (5.1_RC3).  
Starting with 5.1_RC1 even, I've been trying to get an agr interface using the 
pair of bge(4) ethernets on the hosts motherboard (the host is a DL380G3, FYI) 
connected to a Dell PowerConnect 2824 ethernet switch.  I have the two 
interfaces on the Dell configured as a link aggregation group.

  It seems to work just fine, long term, if I connect only one of the ports.  
At some point a while ago I did some switching around of ports on each side, 
but if I ever found a single problem, I haven't been able to reliably reproduce 
it.  It looks like I'm just doing something wrong somewhere, likely by not 
fully understanding the technology.

  Does anyone have an agr(4) working on a netbsd-5 machine?  Better if you have 
agr working to a Dell PowerConnect 2700/2800-series switch!

  Thanks.  Mostly just looking for someone who knows the setup/technology 
better to help me diagnose the situation I have.

                         - Chris

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