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From The Desk Of The General
West Africa Diplomatic Office
Delivery Unit
Tel; 00 233 24-888-5182
Fax: 00 233 021 567643


It has come to my notice of your consignment, which has been fully scrutinized 
and found not to have any needed certificate of payments left on it, but it is 
not yet been delivered to you. We in the Presidency are determined to get rid 
of fraudulent extortion of monies from people with official antics of documents 
and payments, which are not supposed to be.

Once your consignment has been cleared, you need not pay any money to anybody 
for anything. That is strictly against the law of fair dealing's am General 
Addo Acheampong (Rtd), Honourable Special Adviser/Aid to President John Evans 
Atta-Mills of Ghana, and the file of this your consignment was brought to my 
office, now on my table and your consignment not found wanting in any 
requirements or payments. I am wondering, why it has not yet been delivered to 

I am hereby with this notice requiring that you forward your delivery address 
to my office direct, so I order the diplomats to deliver to you directly, and 
see who will hold back your consignment delivery. You should also send an 
identification of yourself too / B: no payment whatsoever is required of you to 
make to any officer here, all you need do is to send your delivery address and 
the diplomat delivers to you direct or you receive it in their designated point 
of collection nearest to you.

And the only payment you are going to pay here is to the government diplomats 
here and there charges to deliver consignments to America, Canada, Europe and 
Asia, Australia is $2.500, Three Thousand Five Hundred Dollars, you will only 
pay (%10) ten percent of the total sum for delivery of you consignment up front 
($250)and you will pay the balance at the point of delivery.

For further inquiries call: +233-24-888-5182


Thank you.

Gen Addo Acheampong.
West Africa Diplomatic Office
Delivery Unit


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