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Re: recommended video card?

On 8 June 2010 00:31, Sverre Froyen <> wrote:
> I notice that the intel driver in pkgsrc is version 2.7.1. If you can live
> without DRM, you can probably use any version less than 2.10 (which is where
> KMS became mandatory). Perhaps there is an in-between version that works for
> you? I tested one version from about a year ago on my Thinkpad T500 with some
> luck.

Thanks for the suggestion.  IIRC I also tried version 2.9.1, but was
not successful.  But, in fairness, I should also add that none of the
few recent Linux distros I tried would even boot on my Thinkpad X201
with KMS enabled, even though the latest Intel drivers (which
theoretically support HD Graphics) are supposedly included in the
Linux kernel versions I tried.  Installing NetBSD was by far the
easiest since, unlike with Linux, it did not require any boot-time
kernel parameter magic to disable KMS (of course, it didn't hurt that
NetBSD's sysinst is vastly superior to its Linux counterparts, but
that must be common knowledge :-) ).

Best wishes,

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