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Re: recommended video card?

On 7 June 2010 18:20, Greg Troxel <> wrote:
> I have some machines with recent intel motherboards and am finding the
> intel xorg driver flaky. ÂApparently this is a known issue and in/for
> Linux there is a vastly improved intel driver. ÂBut, it needs something
> called "kernel mode switching" which is more or less moving the video
> ram control writes to the kernel (for security and suspend/resume
> hygiene), and therefore running it on netbsd seems hard.
> So:
> Âany clues about getting the new intel driver running under netbsd-5
> Â(amd64 in particular)

It requires kernel mode switching, as you pointed out, for which
reason I am using the (very slow, might I add) vesa driver on my new
Thinkpad X201 laptop with Intel HD Graphics (the Intel driver didn't
work at all for me).  There were some discussions at some point about
there being some interest among OpenBSD developers in adding support
for kernel mode switching, in order to make it possible to run X11 at
higher security levels.  I don't know how much (if any) progress has
been made in that direction, though.

I would think that this issue is significant enough, given that
getting a different card is not really a solution for laptops.



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