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Re: iwn, wpa_supplicant, and wpa2 enterprise

        Hello.  In my experience, you don't get active status on a wireless
link until you've associated and the encryption is good.  At least, that's
what I use to tell if all is working, and that has always been true for me.
On Jun 4,  8:45am, Roy Marples wrote:
} Subject: Re: iwn, wpa_supplicant, and wpa2 enterprise
} On 06/04/10 02:54, Sverre Froyen wrote:
} > I see a "iwn0: cannot assign link-local address" message on the console, 
} > could be from a dhcpcd triggered iwn_ioctl call that fails because of the 
} > 1.94 change, thereby causing a dhcpcd failure.
} That's not a dhcpcd message. Probably refers to the link-local IPv6 address.
} > If, this is correct, delaying the call to dhcpcd until the interface is
} > associated would be a fix. Perhaps wpa_supplicant could sprout an option 
not to
} > return until that is the case :-)
} dhcpcd listens to kernel events on the interface.
} So wireless drivers need to sprout another status to report link status
} Currently they all report ACTIVE when they have associated, regardless 
} if encryption/decryption works or not. At least, I think that's the case 
} - someone correct me if I'm wrong.
} Anyway, it won't stop dhcpcd from working - it just delays address 
} acquisition a small bit.
} Thanks
} Roy
>-- End of excerpt from Roy Marples

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