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Dell PERC / scsi devices

  I have a few Dell PowerEdge 2650s, and I noticed when booting a -current 
GENERIC kernel today the following "not configured" lines:

vendor 0x1028 product 0x000c (undefined, subclass 0x00) at pci0 dev 4 function 
0 not configured
vendor 0x1028 product 0x0008 (undefined, subclass 0x00) at pci0 dev 4 function 
1 not configured
vendor 0x1028 product 0x000d (undefined, subclass 0x00) at pci0 dev 4 function 
2 not configured

  In searching around, I found 
which contains:

        { 0x1028, 0x0008, "PowerEdge 3/Di", "RAC Virtual UART Port" } ,
        { 0x1028, 0x000A, "PowerEdge 3/Di", "Expandable RAID Controller" } ,
        { 0x1028, 0x000C, "53C885 23800 SCSI Adapter", "Embedded Systems 
Management Device 4" } ,
        { 0x1028, 0x000D, "?", "LSI53C895 PCI to Ultra2 SCSI I/O Processor with 
LVD Link" } ,

  Now, the RAC poirt and whatever the device with device_id 0x000d is I don't 
care about too much.  But, I would love to have access to the environmental 
and/or management information available with the device having device_id 0x000c.
  Does anyone know anything about these additional Dell devices, or whether 
there's interest/value in supporting them?  Anyone know how hard it would be to 
just attach the 0x1028/0x000C as a scsibus, perhaps with an ses device on it?


                                  - Chris

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