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Re: Setting up dhclient

On Mon, 29 Mar 2010, Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:

You don't do anything special about it. It essentially works as if
carrier is found for the same time. That is if you don't tell it to
listen to specific interface, it will just pick up new interfaces and
use them accordingly.

I have an interface ppp0 entry in my dhcpcd.conf for example, to let it
manage the default route for ppp0, so if I want to use my UMTS stick, I
just have to start pppd and it gets the default route, independent of
any interfaces that are up at the time.

Ah, OK. That's almost got it working the way I want it.

The only last thing that would be really really nice is to have it automatically run ifconfig for the interface to set up the wireless SSID and WEP key. I can plug in the interface, but dhcpcd just waits for carrier until I configure the interface manually.

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