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Re: dtrace + fbt provider

On 25/03/2010, at 9:01 AM, Stathis Kamperis wrote:

Hey Darran; first million thanks for your work on porting DTrace :)

Second, I can update the wiki page, don't waste time on such mundane

Third, I get a 100% reproducible kernel panic, every time I use an fbt
entry point.

It doesn't matter which function I hook into, the system will crash
Unfortunately, I don't have a swap partition (epic fail), so I can't
set up a dump device and provide you a core.

Mind that netbsd is running as virtualbox guest in an opensolaris host.

Again, thanks for your work.

Best regards,

Hi Stathis,

thanks for trying this out!

After a second look at the crash you have I think it is definitely a bug I have detecting that there is no CTF section available for the kernel. This happens if your /boot (secondary boot) file has not been updated. If you copy in a new boot from <dest>/i386/usr/mdec/boot to your root filesystem this should fix the crash. I'll work on better detecting the problem and
handling it without a crash.

Best regards,

Hi Darran,

thanks for taking time to comment/bother.

Unfortunately, I can still reproduce the panic. I did a cvs update
-dPA, build/install'ed kernel & distrubution sets, copied /boot file
from usr/mdec/boot to /boot.
I did it twice, but I'll give it another try in case I missed something.


Can you send me the output of readelf -S /netbsd? I'd like to verify that you have .SUNW_ctf section as the last section.


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