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Re: OpenBlockS600 (AMCC 405EX) again

Hi Kiyohara,

KIYOHARA Takashi wrote:

> Please see.
> I will commit these newer patchs at next week.


> powerpc-405ex.diff:
>   4. multiple emac support.

+ * emac(4) supports following ibm4xx's EMACs.
+ *   XXXX: ZMII and 'TCP Accelaration Hardware' not support yet...
+ *
+ * 405EP       10/100 x2
+ * 405EX/EXr   10/100/1000 x2 (EXr x1), STA v2, 256bit hash-Table, RGMII
+ * 405GP/GPr   10/100
+ * 440EP       10/100 x2, ZMII
+ * 440GP       10/100 x2, ZMII
+ * 440GX       10/100/1000 x4, ZMII/RGMII(ch 2, 3), TAH(ch 2, 3)
+ * 440SP       10/100/1000
+ * 440SPe      10/100/1000, STA v2
+ */

I'd still like to see a comment that only the 405 models have been
tested, and that the 440 model support is theoretical.

> I test OpenBlockS600(405EX) and OpenBlockS266(405GPr).  OPENBLOCKS200,
> EXPLORA451, WALNUT and VIRTEX_DSC compiles only.

If the OpenBlockS266 works, I think it's fair to assume at this stage
that the other 405GP models will work.  Once you commit the patches, I
can double check on my Walnut.

> However single-UIC supported by very old CPUs.  Should we always support
> MULTIUIC?  (should remove #ifdef ?)

As long as always having MULTIUIC enabled doesn't have a noticeable
performance impact on the single UIC devices (not sure what the best way
of verifying that it!), I don't have a problem always using MULTINIC in
the interest of clearer code.

You'll need to add the uic_add() calls for all other 4xx ports, but I
think it would be the same for each (all 405GP/GPr based)?


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