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OpenBlockS600 (AMCC 405EX) again

Hi! ibm405 board maintainers and all,

Please see.

I will commit these newer patchs at next week.

(will linked to newer patch ;-)

I split older obs600.diff.
The former patch supports AMCC 405EX.  The latter patch supports

  1. Add some new source and header files.
     (MAL(split) and RGMII(new) relations for EMAC)
  2. Create dcr4xx.h.  Its moved from dcr405gp.h.  Also remove dcr405xx.h.
  3. intr.c supports MULTIUIC with virtual-irq.  likes to oea.
     support 32-virq/128-hwirq.
  4. multiple emac support.
  5. WALNUT and VIRTEX_* includes arch/powerpc/conf/files.ibm4xx.
  6. WALNUT pci uses arch/powerpc/ibm4xx/pci/.

  7. Oops, ZMII not support.  I not have.

I test OpenBlockS600(405EX) and OpenBlockS266(405GPr).  OPENBLOCKS200,
EXPLORA451, WALNUT and VIRTEX_DSC compiles only.

However single-UIC supported by very old CPUs.  Should we always support
MULTIUIC?  (should remove #ifdef ?)


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