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Re: pax: Ustar MTIME header field is too small

On Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 07:39:37PM -0500, Geoff Adams wrote:
> Is there any interest in adding support for the standard pax extensions
> to our pax? It would be nice to support all the nifty things in the
> specification, and of course, in this instance, I would have been able
> to do everything I needed using only in-tree tools. We already appear 
> to have half of the work (the reading side) done, so it might not even
> be that hard.

The reading side certainly does not exist. Like I said, there is a very
specific hack for the way GNU tar stores long symlinks, but that's about
it. Given pax(1) as frontend is nowhere near the standard, I am not
willing to put any work in that. I have a pax frontend for libarchive on
my To Do list for what it is worth.


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