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Re: pax: Ustar MTIME header field is too small

On 17 Feb 2010, at 2:44 PM, Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:

> pax essentially doesn't support anything beyond ustar. It has very
> ad-hoc support for long symlinks, but that's about it. If you don't
> exactly need pax, you can use bsdtar. It is in pkgsrc and can be built
> from src/external/libarchive/bin/tar.
> Beside the time, size has the very same issue...

Yes, I discovered that last bit, as well.

For the record, bsdtar did the trick. I had to install it on both sides for 
complete success, as you might guess.

Is there any interest in adding support for the standard pax extensions to our 
pax? It would be nice to support all the nifty things in the specification, and 
of course, in this instance, I would have been able to do everything I needed 
using only in-tree tools. We already appear to have half of the work (the 
reading side) done, so it might not even be that hard. Would there be interest 
in pulling in such enhancements if someone were to develop them?

Thanks a lot for the excellent suggestion (and to Dan too, although I haven't 
bothered trying those ideas, since bsdtar has already worked.)

- Geoff

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