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Re: weird ACPI error messages on Compaq laptop

Some of this I've worked around, probably at the cost of efficiency:

On Sun 07 Feb 2010 at 18:50:06 +0100, Rhialto wrote:
> - X (the one that comes with the base system) doesn't handle the
>   graphics quite right. 
>   - The mouse cursor is not arrow-shaped but there is some block of
>     random bits somewhere. Probably a mis-configured sprite.
>   - That block also doesn't move, which sounds like an incorrect mouse
>     device default, which I vaguely remember reading about.
>   - and the most obvious: printed text is also splattered all over the
>     place, as random black bits. Probably some font acceleration going
>     wrong.

I have generated a xorg.conf file with Xorg -configure, and uncommented
the options NoAccel and SWCursor. However, trying programs like MPlayer
it seems there is no XVideo available, so it is not a very good

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