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Re: fsck seg fault failure on vmware -i386?

In article 
 <> wrote:
>>> Before wasting more time on my gdb dump though we need someone with a
>>> consistent system environment to confirm that what my gdb printed is
>>> really what is there.
>> Oh..guess that' me... Caveat - not 100% "consistent" since base
>> OS was at cvs ~1/10 and new fsck_ffs is built against cvs ~1/26...
>> I'm looking to see if I can pull my fail state virtual hd forward
>> to mount on my rebuilt OS and hopefully be able to recreate the
>> core dump on a consistent system...
>OK, managed to bring the failed state HD to the repaired/consistent
>system, dropped to single user to unmount /usr and created a new
>core dump with debug fsck_ffs... same gdb output as before for me.
>Question: Is there any way to unmount /usr in a networked multi-user

umount -f will work (killing programs that use it), but I've seen it crash
the system.


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