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Re: HEADS UP: terminfo imported into -current

        Hello.  How is this an improvement over termcap? which is a single
place where terminal definitions are defined, as opposed to a tree of
definitions?  I hope you  remembered the window(1) utility when you
imported this change.  The window(1) utility provides its own terminal
definition, and when you ssh to other machines in a window, you need the
.termcap entry to work.  Do you provide a captoinfo utility?
On Feb 3,  3:51pm, Roy Marples wrote:
} Subject: HEADS UP: terminfo imported into -current
} Hi List
} I've now imported my terminfo implementation into -current and removed 
} termcap. terminfo provides a backwards compatable termcap interface 
} (minus the NetBSD extensions).
} Everything should still work just as before, with the below exceptions:
} * Any 3rd party programs using the termcap API NetBSD extensions
}    will have to be reworked.
} * termcap -> terminfo translation is not provided.
}    As such $TERMCAP is ignored and tset -s no longer reports it.
}    If you maintain your own definitions you will now have to manage
}    them your personal terminfo databases.
}    This is described in tic(1).
} Thanks
} Roy
>-- End of excerpt from Roy Marples

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