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Re: correct way to install sets?

Noah McNallie( said 2010.02.03 11:05:08 +0000:
> Hello, after compiling HEAD kernel/tools and thoes installing, what is 
> the correct way to upgrade some sets, for example base.tgz
> i was in /opt/tar with base.tgz and did a tar -zxvf base.tgz -C /
> (probably should have used the -p), though... well.. no commands would 
> run after that, i forget the exact error i was getting
> but after that on boot the kernel started spitting out debug information 
> etc and would not proceed.

I've corrected botched installs before by extracting the sets using -p. If
you don't use -p, lots of things won't have the appropriate execute and suid
flags, not to mention the /dev directory being all over the place.

> any help is apreciated

Use /rescue or the rescue from the boot CD to reextract them with -p.

> n0ah
> sparc64/netbsd fan

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