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What to use for synchronizing data on multiple hosts with NetBSD?


What is the best solution on NetBSD to keep data on three machines in
sync? One may be used as mostly-always available central machine, but
changes may happen on all of them, and I don't want to lose access to
the data if the central machine is not there.

1. NFS is not a solution, because the data is only available if the
server is there.
2. rsync is not the solution because I have to manually check which
machine had the latest changes to the files.
3. hg/git/... is not the solution because it's inefficient for this
use -- it duplicates the data (I'm interested in binary data, not well
4. afs is not the solution, because I can't get it to work on NetBSD

What do you recommend for this use case on NetBSD?

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