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Re: What to use for synchronizing data on multiple hosts with NetBSD?

On Tuesday 17 November 2009 1:11:37 pm Thomas Klausner wrote:
> What do you recommend for this use case on NetBSD?

Have you tried Coda?

> 1. NFS is not a solution, because the data is only available if the
> server is there.

Coda supports "disconnected operation" allowing files to be usable 
when a client can't talk to the server group.

> 2. rsync is not the solution because I have to manually check which
> machine had the latest changes to the files.

Coda automatically keeps sends back files from clients to the server,
even files created during disconnected operation.   It makes sure all
servers have the most recent one.  When talking to the server, clients
always make sure they have the most recent version for use.  And if you
hoard the files, Coda will copy changes to the clients during the hoard
walk which happens automatically.

> 3. hg/git/... is not the solution because it's inefficient for this
> use -- it duplicates the data (I'm interested in binary data, not well
> compressible)

Coda deals well with all kinds of files and keeps a copy of only the current
version of a file in the local cache.

> 4. afs is not the solution, because I can't get it to work on NetBSD
Coda works on NetBSD.

The biggest issue with Coda is the fact that conflicts can happen when
using disconnected mode and one needs to know how to resolve conflicts.
Also, I find server setup a pain, but it is doable.


Phil Nelson (phil at
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