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5.99.15/amd64 resets (kernel panics?)


Just to check if I'm the only one seeing that:

I built 5.99.15/amd64 from sources around today 1300 UTC and installed it.
A few minutes later, the remote connection reset.

Later when I got home, I sat in front of the machine and created network
and hard disk traffic + X; the machine reset a few times, always in a very
short time frame (< 1h, usually less than 15 min).

I had inserted a new hard disk today as well, so I took it out, but the
resets happened nevertheless.

I have ddb.onpanic?=0 in my sysctl.conf, so perhaps it's just a kernel panic.

It also happened when I went back to my previously stable 5.99.14 kernel
from 20090615 with the 5.99.15 userland; with and without the hard disk.

I now went back to 5.99.14/20090615 completely (kernel and userland) and
the resets stopped (even with the hard disk and heavy hard disk activity).

Anyone else have trouble with -current right now?

Additionally annoying is the fsck panic that happens after a
successful fsck of /dev/wd0a (the only non-log partition in the
system). But that has been reported before...

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