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heads up: namei_simple

I've committed namei_simple_{kernel,user} and converted 67 of the
namei call sites in the kernel to call it. This has been scrutinized
and to some degree tested, but many of the call sites are in things I
really can't effectively test, like compat_ibcs2.

If your favorite filesystem refuses to mount or your favorite compat
module ceases to be able to do (most notably) statfs, it's probably
this. (On the plus side the individual changes are each simple, so if
I messed one of them up it's very readily fixed.)

If you are adding new namei calls to the kernel over the next few
months, please use namei_simple if it's suitable.

If you are maintaining an out-of-tree fs, you don't have to do
anything... yet... but if it's a disk-based system that uses a copy of
the same block-device opening code that nearly all the other fses use,
you may want to merge the namei_simple change.

David A. Holland

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