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Re: altqd port to other BSD

Hello Current-users,

  I need this port for one reason, because when do pf/altq ALTQ_CDNR arrears
  (support  in the kernel introduced in OpenBSD, but in pf no), and so
  he stayed only altqd. Then I have a little better reformulated query.
  May you do patch for pf to write in, support of ALTQ_CDNR pf/altq.
  The format of the rules such as this.

altq on $int_if cbq bandwidth 9M queue { test, test1 } conditioner { 
test_cond1, test_cond2}
queue test bandwidth 3% cbq (default red)
queue test1 bandwidth 50% cbq (red)
conditioner test_cond1 <tbmeter 6M 64K <pass><drop>>  
conditioner test_cond2 <tbmeter 1M 128K <pass><drop>> 

and then

pass in on $int_if from <client_host> queue test1 conditioner test_cond1

Best regards,

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