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Re: Transmission broken with -current?

On Sun, 14 Jun 2009 09:54:20 -0700
Scott Ellis <> wrote:

> I upgraded from a May 2nd amd64/-current to one as of June 14th, and am 
> experiencing weird breakage with "Transmission".  When an RPC is used 
> (e.g., transmission-remote against transmission-daemon) I get a bus 
> error.  Backtrace shows:

I see a similar crash, but couldn't make much sense of the backtrace.
It seems to run on current/i386, but falls over immediately on amd64.

Swiching from kqueue to select and from the bundled libevent to the one
from pkgsrc didn't help. (the latter will be changed anyway with the
next update).

Could someone please confirm if this package works on netbsd-5/amd64?
The 1.71 update is on hold because I can't test it properly ...


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