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PS/2 keyboard and `boot -a' -> pckbport_start: command error


using a PS/2 keyboard and booting a current i386 system with the -a
option (RB_ASKNAME, ask for root file system etc.) I'm reproducibly
seeing keyboard port problems:

        boot device: raid0
        root device (default raid0a): pckbport_start: command error
        jkfatal breakpoint trap in supervisor mode
        db{0}> reboot 0x4

As can be seen above, I can't specify the root device because the system
doesn't seem to receive the keyboard input (except for the `j' and `k' I
was hitting several times while wondering what was going on; they are
shown on the line following the error message, just before the ddb
output).  However, I'm able to enter ddb from the keyboard, and to type
commands inside ddb just fine.

IIRC this used to work perfectly with the same hardware some time ago...
Any hints what could have caused this regression?

BTW, I don't see this problem with an USB keyboard.

Regards, Jukka

This email fills a much-needed gap in the archives.

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