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install cd fails to boot on root-on-RAID systems


while fixing a problem (bootloader unable to read root file system due
to having installed FFSv1 primary bootstrap to read a FFSv2 root file
system... :-P) on a 5.99.11 i386 system I booted a (5.99.11 i386)
installation CD to get a shell and manually correct things, but booting

        raid0: RAID Level 1
        raid0: Components: /dev/wd0a /dev/wd1a
        raid0: Total Sectors: 16777216 (8192 MB)
        raid1: RAID Level 1
        raid1: Components: /dev/wd0f /dev/wd1f
        raid1: Total Sectors: 404510080 (197514 MB)
        boot device: raid0
        root on raid0a dumps on raid0b
        no file system for raid0 (dev 0x1200)
        cannot mount root, error = 79
        root device (default raid0a):

While that installation CD (created by running ` iso-image')
successfully boots to sysinst on most machines, it seems to fail if the
machine already has NetBSD installed and has an auto-configurable RAID
set containing the root file system.  (But why?  The CD does contain the
ffs kmod...  However, `root' should have been on `cd0a' anyway, so...)

Are such systems considered "unsupported" (i.e. the user is expected to
turn off RAID set auto-configuration before e.g. upgrading using
sysinst), or should this be fixed (removing `options RAID_AUTOCONFIG'
from the install kernel would probably do the trick, but that kernel is
GENERIC which should definitely contain that option...)?

Regards, Jukka

This email fills a much-needed gap in the archives.

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