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Re: `cannot mount root, error = 79' since upgrade

In article <>,
Tom Ivar Helbekkmo  <> wrote:
>I wrote:
>> Grumble.  The NetBSD 4.0.1 CD is unable to boot the Compaq Proliant
>> DL360 G1.  [...]  Downloading a recent snapshot CD image from
>> now...
>Grumble again.  Found a NetBSD 5 RC2 ISO image, which booted fine, and
>tried to "upgrade" my installation using it.  Unfortunately, my system
>is on device ld0, with a second device ld1 for a data disk, and the
>install system on that CD insists on installing to ld1 whether I choose
>ld0 or ld1 from its menu -- and it fails, of course, since there is no
>ld1a for it to upgrade my installation on.
>I may have to set up a cross compilation environment on a VAX to build
>NetBSD for this DL360, in order to get back to the reverse situation. ;)

Unplug ld1, or fix the bug and burn another cd.


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