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Re: `cannot mount root, error = 79' since upgrade

I wrote:

> Ah!  So /boot actually loads the proper module for the kernel?  My
> existing /boot doesn't do this, so I need the new /boot as well, I
> guess.  I wasn't aware of this - thanks!

The weirdest thing happened...  The system in question was running
NetBSD/i386-current from about a year ago, and I'd finally gotten around
to doing another upgrade.  After building the new -current, and running
into the previously described problems, I installed the new /netbsd, new
/boot, and the /stand/... set of kernel modules, and could then boot the
new kernel.  So far, so good.

Then, I ran a "./ -u -D /usr/local/arena/i386 install=/" in
/usr/src, and rebooted.  Big surprise: the "no file system for ld0" and
"cannot mount root, error = 79" situation was back!  Trying to boot the
old kernel got error messages from /boot about not being able to load
kernel modules (which is OK, since that kernel doesn't need them), but
the new init naturally didn't work with the old kernel.  Trying to boot
the new kernel, /boot says "loading ffs" with no error message, but the
kernel complains, as described.

I'll be preparing a bootable CD today, to get a look at the file system,
but it all seems very strange: my " install" run shouldn't have
installed anything that could break things like this, I'd think -- I
already had the new bits in place, from the very same build.

I'll report back when I know more.  Meanwhile, if anyone has any hints
for me, that would be greatly appreciated! :)

Self documenting code isn't. User application constraints don't. --Ed Prochak

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