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Loading /miniroot.kmod heap full (0x4fc68+32768)

A couple of days ago I crosscompiled an i386 distribution. I just got
around to try to boot it on my Eee 901.

Since I put it on a msdos-formatted USB stick, I booted with

> load msdos
> load ffs
> load /miniroot.kmod
> boot netbsd.gz
booting hd0a:netbsd.gz
8873724+405940+538728 [457392+444274]=0xa3b124
Loading msdos
Loading ffs
Loading /miniroot.kmod heap full (0x4fc68+32768)
... endlessly repeating

I only caught this after several tries and finally hitting Pause at just
the right time.

I did update /boot and installboot'ed as well. What did I overlook?

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