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Re: nested file system types

"Toru Nishimura" <> writes:

> Hi,
>> I'm working on mount_vnd(8).  It's pretty
>> straight-forward; the catch is that I need to be able to specify the
>> file system type that's layered on top of vnd.
> I'm skeptic about inventing mount_vnd(8), however, want to wait
> for the output.  If going that way, please consider how /etc/fstab
> should be sanely extended for multiple stacked FS.  One of
> fundamental issues we have is a vague distinction (or confusion)
> among "filesystem" and "how-to-stack-each-other."

I don't understand from the name what mount_vnd is supposed to do.
There is now a three step process:

  find a free vnd somehow
  vnconfig (make vnd associated with a file)
  mount the vnd

so what I think would be cool is extending

  mount_lfs /dev/rwd0e /mnt


  mount_lfs vnd:/home/gdt/lfs.image /mnt

where mount_msdos grabs a vnd number and does vnconfig, and umount will
do vnconfig -u and release.

Or perhaps you're trying to solve a different problem?

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