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Re: Disabling ACPI also implicitly disables SMP support for Intel Atom chips?

David H. Gutteridge wrote:
Hi all,

Is it a given that disabling ACPI also disables SMP (well, really SMT,
technically) with Intel Atom chips?  (Or others?)  The i386 boot prompt
offers the choice of disabling ACPI only, but when I choose it on my
LG X110 netbook, the kernel doesn't recognize the HT capabilities of
the CPU.  In order to get SMP, I have to enable ACPI.  Is this
something I should PR, or is it just the nature of things here?  (This
is with 5.0 RC2, incidentally.)

Does your motherboard have MP BIOS extensions (the fallback when ACPI isn't enabled)? I suspect not.

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