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Re: problems using mouse

Kurt Schreiner --> current-users (2009-01-19 00:27:41 +0100):
> Hi,
> since upgrading to -current some days ago the mouse on my notebook
> (running in-tree Xorg) only moves horizontaly! Vertical movement
> using the stick or pad or an external USB-mouse isn't possible anymore.
> It dosn't make any difference if I try moving the mouse when not logged
> in (just xdm is running) or when running a window manager, no matter
> if started from xdm or via "startx". (WM is evilwm, not recompiled yet
> after time_t changes.)
> It's not a hardware problem, as the mouse moves normally running WinXP
> (or some Tuxian stuff).
> No idea if this is related to the problems showing up using Xorg but...
> Both src and xsrc are -current as of Jan 18, 21:51 MET.
> Anyone seen this, too?

I havent followed this thread before, but after upgrading a current
system from 5.99.5 (sources as of 2009-01-02) to 5.99.7 (yesterday's
sources) I do see this problem now.  I'm running native XFree86.

As a quick workaround I tried extracting the old xserver set to / and
this seems to work fine so far, at least the mouse behaves as it should

Have there been any commits to fix this problem (I didn't follow
source-changes close enough), or is it still pending?

TIA, Jukka

bashian roulette:
$ ((RANDOM%6)) || rm -rf ~

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