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problems using mouse


since upgrading to -current some days ago the mouse on my notebook
(running in-tree Xorg) only moves horizontaly! Vertical movement
using the stick or pad or an external USB-mouse isn't possible anymore.
It dosn't make any difference if I try moving the mouse when not logged
in (just xdm is running) or when running a window manager, no matter
if started from xdm or via "startx". (WM is evilwm, not recompiled yet
after time_t changes.)
It's not a hardware problem, as the mouse moves normally running WinXP
(or some Tuxian stuff).

I tried wsmoused, which fails with:
"wsmoused: cannot set version /dev/wsmouse: Bad adress".

Here's what ktrace shows: (/etc/wsmoused.conf as distributed)

  [library reading etc...]
  [reading /etc/wsmoused.conf]
  1411      1 wsmoused RET   read 0
  1411      1 wsmoused CALL  ioctl(3,TIOCGETA,0xbfbfebf0)
  1411      1 wsmoused RET   ioctl -1 errno 25 Inappropriate ioctl for device
  1411      1 wsmoused CALL  open(0x804bb8a,4,0)
  1411      1 wsmoused NAMI  "/dev/ttyEstat"
  1411      1 wsmoused RET   open 4
  1411      1 wsmoused CALL  __nanosleep50(0xbfbfece8,0xbfbfecdc)
  1411      1 wsmoused RET   __nanosleep50 0
  1411      1 wsmoused CALL  open(0xbb917050,4,0)
  1411      1 wsmoused NAMI  "/dev/wsmouse"
  1411      1 wsmoused RET   open 5
  1411      1 wsmoused CALL  ioctl(5,WSMOUSEIO_SETVERSION,1)
  1411      1 wsmoused RET   ioctl -1 errno 14 Bad address
  1411      1 wsmoused CALL  write(2,0xbfbfe4d0,0xa)
  [write error message etc...]
  1411      1 wsmoused CALL  exit(1)

No idea if this is related to the problems showing up using Xorg but...

Both src and xsrc are -current as of Jan 18, 21:51 MET.

Anyone seen this, too?


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