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Re: Change suggestion to distrib/sets/maketars

So this would add the "-l" flag, which makes pax use hard links if
possible. I can see this being useful for people who build as root, do not use a METALOG, and install without going through the "make release"
process; but I wonder how many people there are who do all of those
things (none of which I would recommend), and whether we really want to
encourage them.

Have you verified that pax doesn't do the wrong thing when it has both
the "-l" and "-M" flags (for example, using a hard link and then setting
the ownership and permissions in a way that affects the source file as
well as the destination file)?

--apb (Alan Barrett)

Right. -l and -M don't work together. I guess pax has to be changed.
I came across some other issues, like pax failing on file overwrites when using -l.
But it would be good to use hard-links in the future.

Kind regards,

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