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Re: azalia output "not stable" ?

On Mon, 2 Feb 2009 00:02:14 +0100
Lars Nordlund <> wrote:

> There are a several audio outputs from the
> motherboard, left, right, center bass, whatever, line out.
options        AZALIA_DEBUG
options        AZALIA_DEBUG_DOT
in your kernel configuration, recompile and reboot that kernel. Then run
the relevant part from your /var/run/dmesg.boot through dot(1) from
Graphviz (pkgsrc/graphics/graphviz) to generate a GIF or PNG image.
This image should give you an impression how routing of audio streams
is handled by your azalia(4) incarnation and how to set it up using mixerctl(1) 
by looking at the output from "mixerctl -av".

See also mixerctl.conf(5) and the paragraph about "mixerctl" in 



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