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Re: why NetBSD include binary/blob driver or firmware by default?

I haven't responded all emails 1 by 1 but i did read all, in detail.

Thanks for explanations.

I think 'find /usr/src -name *uu' shows all these ones, but at least it could be better to create a documentation about this, such that

Tracking NetBSD-current
# Why track NetBSD-current?
# Installing a current snapshot
# Downloading current source
# etc
# etc
# Building blob free NetBSD from source
* Some explanations about how to exclude binary/blob drivers AND/OR firmwares while building NetBSD from source.

> And make things more complicated just because of someone's ideological issues?
> Michael

I respect your opinion but I'm sorry to hear that, because %100 free software should be target and would be great --- even if it seems impossible.


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