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Re: on DragonFly, sh detection for HOST_SH, and configure cannot guess build type

On Thu, Jan 01, 2009 at 02:10:44PM -0600, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
  | (on 5.0_BETA) has:
  |  [ -z "${HOST_SH}" ] && HOST_SH="$(
  |         (ps -p $$ -o comm | sed -ne '2s/[ \t]*$//p') 2>/dev/null )"
  | "comm" is unknown on DragonFly. It does have "command" keyword.

Then DragonFly doesn't follow Posix 1003.1.
The standardized keyword is "comm":

So we shouldn't just change to use "command".

  | I am sure a newer config.guess would suffice. Or should it just use a 
  | common good config.guess for all uses?

A common config.guess and config.sub would be "nice".

However, it doesn't appear that there's a standardized way of 
providing that for use by the various configure scripts invoked
during the various tools/*/ build.

At worst we'd just have to manually update the relevant files
in */dist/* until a vendor update has a similar effect.

I'll do some more research on the feasibility of having a common
config.guess / config.sub for use by the tools.


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