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Re: Asking for path to modules (was: How do I keep testing current-amd64 witout so much trouble?)

On Tue, 30 Dec 2008, Andrew Doran wrote:

I pointed out in a seperate forum that kernel_lock should no longer be
required in this path. Removing the KERNEL_LOCK() call in init_main.c
should solve the problem.

Do you mean the KERNEL_LOCK() call in configure() in

I changed this so it shouldn't be a problem.

Yes, thanks.

I think the proposed change is not complete because the boot loader also
pulls in modules. I have no objection to adding it to the list of questions
for 'boot -a', but without a command to set the default in the boot loader
it's a bit useless. An override set in the boot loader could, on x86, be
passed in with a bootinfo entry and in turn set the kernel's default.

I was thinking the same thing WRT bootloader. Not exactly my area of expertise, and I suspect there's lots of ways to screw up some MD stuff which I would have no chance of debugging. Lemme think more about it...

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