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Re: How do I keep testing current-amd64 witout so much trouble?

On Tue, 23 Dec 2008, Hisashi T Fujinaka wrote:

True. But in the original request, he was reverting to 5.99.4 backup copy, so both the "stable" 5.99.4 and "test" 5.99.5 modules would be able to peacefully coexist.

That means I just also keep the 5.99.4 kernel, and not the 5.99.5 kernel
that had booted previously.

It also assumes that userland hasn't changed so much that the old kernel
still works, which isn't the case all the time. For that reason, I
reinstall most everything from the 5.99.4 kernel.


It's also why I first test anything on a machine that has no other purpose other than testing. :) Yeah, it's a pain if things get so messed up that you have to reinstall, but at least the rest of my "production" work doesn't suffer.

Oh, one more thing I do - whenever I adopt a "stable" release, I burn a CD with the iso images (including source sets). If I ever have to re-install, it's fairly trivial.

And of course, I have nightly backups of all machines, including the sacriical lamb, on off-line storage (OK, so I'm stuck in the 80s and still do my backups to tape!).

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