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Re: How do I keep testing current-amd64 witout so much trouble?

On Tue, 23 Dec 2008, Hisashi T Fujinaka wrote:

So lately, after things have been modularized, I've been destroying my
system with regularity. If I forget to install modules, it wedges. If I
do install the modules, the kernel won't boot and I have to restore my
system using an old 5.99.4 disk I have.

I don't mind doing this, it's the point of testing current. My question
is whether this is what I really ought to be doing? Is there a better
way of keeping an old kernel around for cases like this?

Well, the modules get installed in /stand/amd64/5.99.x/modules so you can certainly keep both copies around.

My usually method is to

        1. cp /netbsd / (or some other name)
        2. install new kernel in /netbsd
        3. boot single-user to see if things are basically sane
        4. exit/^D to allow it to try to go multi-user

If it fails,

        5. Reboot / in single-user mode
        6. At the single-user shell, fsck / if needed
        7. Issue a few sync commands
        8. mount -u / (to make it read/write)
        9. mv / /netbsd
        10.Reboot one more time

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