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5.0 NFS-related panic

since a few days, I started seeing this panic on my NetBSD 5.0/alpha
system. the kernel is up to date as of yesterday.

CPU 0: fatal kernel trap:

CPU 0    trap entry = 0x2 (memory management fault)
CPU 0    a0         = 0xfffffe0108248000
CPU 0    a1         = 0x1
CPU 0    a2         = 0x0
CPU 0    pc         = 0xfffffc000077b928
CPU 0    ra         = 0xfffffc000077fbb0
CPU 0    pv         = 0xc000000000000000
CPU 0    curlwp     = 0xfffffc003f514400
CPU 0        pid = 0, comm = system
panic: trap
Stopped in pid 0.31 (system) at netbsd:cpu_Debugger+0x4:        ret     zero,(ra
db> tr
cpu_Debugger() at netbsd:cpu_Debugger+0x4
panic() at netbsd:panic+0x250
trap() at netbsd:trap+0x350
XentMM() at netbsd:XentMM+0x20
--- memory management fault (from ipl 1) ---
cpu_in_cksum() at netbsd:cpu_in_cksum+0x148
in4_cksum() at netbsd:in4_cksum+0xc0
in_delayed_cksum() at netbsd:in_delayed_cksum+0x74
ip_output() at netbsd:ip_output+0xf3c
tcp_output() at netbsd:tcp_output+0x1974
tcp_usrreq() at netbsd:tcp_usrreq+0x2b8
tcp_usrreq_wrapper() at netbsd:tcp_usrreq_wrapper+0x18
sosend() at netbsd:sosend+0x578
nfs_send() at netbsd:nfs_send+0x100
nfs_request() at netbsd:nfs_request+0x334
nfs_writerpc() at netbsd:nfs_writerpc+0x4dc
nfs_doio() at netbsd:nfs_doio+0x5a0
nfssvc_iod() at netbsd:nfssvc_iod+0x20c
exception_return() at netbsd:exception_return
--- root of call graph ---
db> x/i cpu_in_cksum+0x148                                                      
netbsd:cpu_in_cksum+0x148:      ldl     t1,-40(a2)                              
db> sh reg                                                                      
v0          0x6                                                                 
t0          0x1                                                                 
t1          0x1                                                                 
t2          0xfffffc003fffc000                                                  
t3          0xfffffc003fffc079                                                  
t4          0                                                                   
t5          0xfffffc0000b0144e  ustir_speeds+0xbea                              
t6          0                                                                   
t7          0                                                                   
s0          0xfffffc0000bf0bf8  msgbufenabled                                   
s1          0x100                                                               
s2          0xfffffc0000beebf0  db_onpanic                                      
s3          0xfffffc0000adbd4f  msgperiod.8323+0x9d7                            
s4          0xfffffe00139f74b0                                                  
s5          0xfffffe0108248000                                                  
s6          0x1                                                                 
a0          0x1                                                                 
a1          0x7ffffe42c0003f8                                                   
a2          0                                                                   
a3          0x8                                                                 
a4          0x3                                                                 
a5          0x8                                                                 
t8          0x1                                                                 
t9          0x8                                                                 
t10         0                                                                   
t11         0x7000000                                                           
ra          0xfffffc00006c74a0  panic+0x250                                     
t12         0xfffffc00008c2ef0  cpu_Debugger                                    
at          0x14000000                                                          
gp          0xfffffc0000bea428  __link_set_bufq_strats_sym_bufq_strat_dummy+0x80
sp          0xfffffe00139f7300                                                  
pc          0xfffffc00008c2ef4  cpu_Debugger+0x4                                
ps          0x1                                                                 
ai          0x7000000                                                           
pv          0xfffffc00008c2ef0  cpu_Debugger                                    

I'm not seeing this on my i386/5.0_BETA desktops but they don't use the
same NFS server.

Any idea ?

Manuel Bouyer <>
     NetBSD: 26 ans d'experience feront toujours la difference

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