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Re: having problems using 'gethostbyname'

ktrace is a pretty handy program!

I'm including the output file to see if something can be figured from it.
Looks to me like it tries to open a whole sequence of files
unsuccessfully, and then fails.


On 12/18/08, Michael van Elst <> wrote:
> ("David Dudley") writes:
>>Edm is a pretty big program, made up of around 10-15 different libraries
>> and
>>component parts.
>>The problem this program is having is clearly in the 'hosts' line of the
>>nsswitch.conf file, and as I change my nsswitch.conf file, I can change the
>>failure message from '' to '' (don't see an error
>>on loading '' however).
> Looks like edm does something nasty, like doing a chroot or limiting
> or exhausting ressources so that the nss shared objects cannot be
> loaded.
> Please try ktrace to find out what part of that process actually fails.
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