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Re: pxeboot: heap full?

On Mon, Dec 15, 2008 at 01:24:14PM -0600, David Young wrote:

> Has there been a regression in PXE bootstrap?

A version from a couple of weeks ago works for me. Can you try a slightly
older version?

> I am trying to PXE boot a kernel.  pxeboot_ia32.bin fails, printing
> heap full (0x137e8+2055051)
> The decimal number to the right of the plus sign is the size of my
> (gzipped) kernel, in decimal.  So it looks as if pxeboot tries to
> reserve space on the heap for the kernel, which fails.  If I am
> not mistaken, these flags in the pxeboot Makefile reserve only
> 128kB for the heap:
> That seems like an extraordinarily small heap, if a kernel is
> supposed to fit in there.

The kernel doesn't go on the heap, it's loaded into extended memory.
There are buffers in the heap, eg: for decompression.


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