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netbsd-5 build stats update, Solaris vs. -j4

First the good news:

        Build status of NetBSD 5.0/i386:

        Host OS                 Success
        OpenSuSE Linux 10.2/x86 Mon Dec  8 18:42:42 CET 2008
        NetBSD 2.0/i386         Mon Dec  8 19:10:26 CET 2008
        NetBSD 5.0_BETA/i386    Thu Dec  4 13:03:21 CET 2008
        Solaris 10/x86          Tue Dec  9 07:55:22 CET 2008 (no -j4)
        Mac OS X 10.4.11        Wed Dec  3 23:29:10 CET 2008

That's a success on all the platforms I've tested!

The bad news:

        The build on Solaris fails with -j4 - I suspect something
        about parallel builds that's not exhibited when omiting that
        option. I'll post a recent build log soon, so we can hopefully fix
        this, too.

 - Hubert

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