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Re: Building on Solaris, sh problem: empty for loop

In article <>,
Hubert Feyrer  <> wrote:
>When crosscompiling from Solaris 10 to NetBSD for the netbsd-5 
>branch (I haven't checked -current), running a "nbmake-i386 install" in 
>src/tests/modules/k_helper gives:
>       % ~/cvs/src-5/obj.i386/tooldir/bin/nbmake-i386 install                 #
>       install
>===>   for d in ; do
>       /usr/homes/feyrer/cvs/src-5/obj.i386/tooldir/bin/i386--netbsdelf-install
>       -U -M /usr/homes/feyrer/cvs/src-5/obj.i386/destdir/METALOG -D
>       /usr/homes/feyrer/cvs/src-5/obj.i386/destdir -h sha1 -N
>       /usr/homes/feyrer/cvs/src-5/etc -d $d;  done
>===>   /usr/xpg4/bin/sh: syntax error at line 1 : `;' unexpected
>The error is that the shell can't handle an empty list for the "for" loop.
>I've tried to do a "if list not empty" check around it, but the parser 
>still trips over it (of course).
>Anyone got a smart idea on how to handle this? Make sh a tool?
>Anything less intrusive?

Do 'for d in ${FOO} DUMMY; do case $d in (DUMMY) continue;; esac'?
This is ugly.


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