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Re: Headphones output error under azalia

Piotr Adamus wrote:

azalia driver under i386 doesn't produce the sound on headphones.
Issues with Azalia have been discussed on the list before. The driver is still not "optimal" so to say ...
Here is how I turn on my headphones and adjust the sound level.


case ${1} in
       # Turn internal speakers on
               mixerctl -w outputs.lineout.eapd=on
               mixerctl -w outputs.lineout=180,180
               mixerctl -w outputs.headphones=0,0

       # Turn internal speakers off and turn on headphones
               mixerctl -w outputs.lineout.eapd=off
               mixerctl -w outputs.headphones=252,252
       echo "Please use one of following: h(eadphones)  or s(peakers)"

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