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Re: NetBSD-Install does not work on the new MacBooks (was: dk* drivers on NetBSD 5.0 (beta)-install)

2008/11/7 vincent <>:
> Le 7 nov. 08 à 02:23, Michal Suchanek a écrit :
>> You can hold Alt (or Option or what you have painted on the key)
>> instead of C to get Apple's boot menu and select the CD there without
>> excessive key presses.
>> On the Apple boxes I have seen so far the keyboard part of the PC bios
>> emulation is more or less broken, though. You cannot type anything so
>> the NetBSD boot loader just times out (the timeout seems very short)
>> and things like isolinux keep waiting forever. I heard that the
>> emulation works on some macbooks so you you might have better luck
>> with this part.
> Right, I did that. The CD-Rom is detected (so this is a bug in rEFIt). But,
> even though, as you noted, I could not type anything, the boot loader starts
> immediately on the default option.
> But maybe I need pckbd, after all?

Most likely you only need USB keyboard support (but I do not remember
what it's called).

>>> Unapplicable: 4.01 won't start. After a short while (still in the
>>> discovery
>>> of the peripherals), the console shuts down, the screen blanks and the
>>> computer emits beeps indefinitely. Looks like a memory problem.
>> That' what you get for working with too new hardware ;-)
> I know that ;) But if NetBSD does not install even the most basic of the
> kernels, how to hope fixing it?

You can always select different menu options by editing the boot.cfg
file on the CD ..

To start with you could also build a very minimalistic kernel only
with IDE, wscons, and USB kbd - without acpi,apm, and whatnot. I am
not sure how that would work on the macbook, though. The power
management might be important.



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