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NetBSD-Install does not work on the new MacBooks (was: dk* drivers on NetBSD 5.0 (beta)-install)

Le 7 nov. 08 à 02:23, Michal Suchanek a écrit :

You can hold Alt (or Option or what you have painted on the key)
instead of C to get Apple's boot menu and select the CD there without
excessive key presses.

On the Apple boxes I have seen so far the keyboard part of the PC bios
emulation is more or less broken, though. You cannot type anything so
the NetBSD boot loader just times out (the timeout seems very short)
and things like isolinux keep waiting forever. I heard that the
emulation works on some macbooks so you you might have better luck
with this part.

Right, I did that. The CD-Rom is detected (so this is a bug in rEFIt). But, even though, as you noted, I could not type anything, the boot loader starts immediately on the default option.

But maybe I need pckbd, after all?

Unapplicable: 4.01 won't start. After a short while (still in the discovery of the peripherals), the console shuts down, the screen blanks and the
computer emits beeps indefinitely. Looks like a memory problem.

That' what you get for working with too new hardware ;-)

I know that ;) But if NetBSD does not install even the most basic of the kernels, how to hope fixing it?


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