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Re: iwn not working since 4.99.73

On Fri, Nov 07, 2008 at 02:20:08AM +0700, Robert Elz wrote:
>     Date:        Thu, 6 Nov 2008 09:16:09 +1030
>     From:        Brett Lymn <>
>     Message-ID:  <>
>   | OK - I will shift it.
> Your version 1.24 worked fine.

> Could you please close PR 39864 - you have fixed it, perhaps without
> even noticing that it existed...  (and the quicker it goes away the
> better).

I knew the PR existed, thanks for logging one.  I will close it off
when I have a chance.
> A pullup of these fixes to the netbsd-5 branch is obviously needed.

Yes indeed it is.
> And last, I made the following (local) change to perhaps allow the scan abort
> to still be used in the AUTH case where it is apparently needed, and it
> seems to work just fine for a "plain" network (no WPA no WEP) - whether
> it really does what it looks like it should do, I don't know.   But if the
> IWN_CMD_SCAN_ABORT was ever needed, I think this must be better than
> just commenting it out.

I did consider that but I am thinking that the ieee802.11 layer needs
to be told that the scan has stopped too.  At the time I was more
interested in getting people back up and running.  I put the scan stop
in there due to a comment in the linux driver code that indicated a
scan in progress breaks authentication - I am still having problems
with WPA negotiation and thought that it may have had an effect.
Unfortunately, it didn't have any positive effect for me but busted
people who were not doing scans for APs.

Brett Lymn
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