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Re: cvs co -r netbsd-5 brings back some Attic files

On Saturday 01 November 2008, Greg A. Woods; Planix, Inc. wrote:
> > Are you saying that, in some old version of cvs, deleting a file
> > may have moved it to the Attic without changing the "head" revision
> > number and without creating a new revision with "state dead"?
> Partly -- I don't remember exactly when, but the use of the "dead"
> state is a slightly more recent feature.  I'm too lazy at the moment
> to check the CVS release notes and repository, but my vague
> recollection is that it came along after 1994.

There's actually an enormous amount of damage in the NetBSD CVS 
archives, much of it dating back to the old AT&T settlement when the 
files were manually stripped out of the repository.

I'd originally found a pile of it myself a long time ago, but have since 
realised that, even in the state it's in, it still encapsulates a great 
deal of historical information which wouldn't even be there if the 
damage were cleaned up.

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