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Re: iwn not working since 4.99.73

    Date:        Wed, 5 Nov 2008 20:14:18 +1030
    From:        Brett Lymn <>
    Message-ID:  <>

  | Can people that had problems with iwn please update to v1.23 of
  | if_iwn.c and try again?  I think I found the thing that broke it.

The first half of your fix ...

* Disable aborting the scan for the moment - it causes a firmware error if
  a scan was never initiated which breaks WEP and open wireless connections

corrects the problem for me.

The second half ...

* Make sure the ESSID is cleared.

is simply wrong, at least where you have it, iwn_init() is called in too
many places to be sticking what is essentially one off init code there.
As you have it, it is impossible to select an ssid to connect to, as
when the link is ordered up (or when a media choice is made, and probably
other times) the selected ssid is zapped by your new code.  If it is needed
at all, it probably belongs in the attach routine, or somewhere like that.
I just removed it (for me, the ssid always gets set as part of config,
so I don't care what the driver thinks it should be before that).


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